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Ghostlines Privacy Policy

The user data we collect and how we use it.

By installing the Ghostlines software (“Ghostlines”) you acknowledge you have read and agree to the following Privacy Policy.

Ghostlines (“we”, “our”, and “us”) has two types of users—”designers” and “subscribers”. The former type is anyone with Ghostlines installed, administering version changes to their font via RoboFont. The latter is the user who, through whatever means, is on a designer’s “subscriber” list, and receives an email notification and download when the designer so chooses to deliver a version. This document contains information for users of either type (“you”).

We collect website visitor data and download counts from http://ghostlines.pm (“our website”). These visitors are anonymous to us and may or may not be users.

Our goal in data collection is to understand our users in bulk, rather than as individuals. We will never seek to identify our users through use patterns evident in our data.

1. What User Information We Collect

To make a Ghostlines account as a designer, you must supply an email address. This is stored on our servers in our list of active accounts.

We track user “actions”—sign-ups, buttons pressed, accounts made, releases sent, and so forth. Actions are only ever associated with anonymized hashes of user email addresses. This allows us to track individual users without exploiting identifying information.

Actions bring along metadata. All actions are timestamped, and are associated with an anonymized account if possible so that we can understand how users flow through functionality in Ghostlines.

We track the following actions:

2. How Information is Collected & Stored

All of our web-related analytics are collected through Google Analytics. Their privacy policy can be viewed here. In page tracking and acquisition (i.e. how a user reached the site), IP address data are collected. None of this information has associated names or email addresses.

All extension-based activity is collected using Segment. Segment is a data-capture application that helps us manage our statistics flows. Segment securely sends data to Mixpanel, which then allows us to visualize and parse the analytics.

Our user behavior analytics are anonymized at the point of action—that is, before the information is sent to Segment. When we analyze our data in Mixpanel, it is not possible for us to identify any one user to their actions unless they provide us exactly what actions they took and when.

The only exception to this is IP addresses, which reveal geolocation. We collect IP addresses only to understand the geographic spread of Ghostlines use. In cases of low numbers of uses in a given area, we might be able to identify anonymized use patterns to a specific person if we are aware of their location. We will never attempt to do so, and any knowledge of user location is confidential.

Google, Segment, and Mixpanel all collect and share your data according to their own privacy policies. We are not responsible for the practices employed by Google, Segment, Mixpanel, and any third-party providers hereafter. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party websites or services. Segment’s privacy policy can be viewed here, and Mixpanel’s is available here. While we have no direct control of our third-party partners, we have selected them on the basis of quality product and data security.

We never provide outside access to our collected information and are the sole owners of the information collected through the tool. Ghostlines employees are barred from bringing information and information intelligence outside of the workplace.

3. Why Information is Collected & Extent of Use

Ghostlines seeks to make the best product possible. Understanding how our users navigate the tool gives us insight into how to improve our product.

In keeping track of page views and download counts, we can gauge the popularity of our tool and our potential audience.

By tracking designer behavior, we hope to find points of friction in use so that we can streamline user workflows. By tracking user actions, we can quickly identify bottlenecks and develop fixes.

User information is viewed through Segment, Mixpanel, and occasionally in raw CSV or SQL formats, exclusively by Ghostlines employees. The data is only to be used towards the purposes of feature addition/modification, product positioning, and troubleshooting.

We will never knowingly release your information to the public or private parties without your written consent. We will never sell your information to third-party services or agents.

4. What User Media is Stored on Our Servers

In addition to user account and use information, we keep font release information on our servers. Specifically, we maintain records of font files, notes text, and attached license documents for each release.

Ghostlines acts solely as a platform between users and holds no rights to the user media it may hold or the use of the fonts sent using its software.

Media is necessary to store in order to keep a record of a font’s history. Again, all records are anonymized and not associated with a named user.

Ghostlines will never share this media with any party outside of its presentation inside the Ghostlines platform (e.g. the user can view the history of their font through their releases) and will never read this media without explicit designer consent. If you feel Ghostlines has inappropriately or illegally used your media, please let us know and assert the territory or jurisdiction for your rights.

5. User’s Rights to Data

You may, at any time, contact us via email to request to see, modify, and delete any information or media we have that is identified with your account.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately at info@ghostlines.pm.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without warning.


20 February 2017 v1.1