Ghostlines integrates feedback directly into the process of drawing a typeface. Through our RoboFont plugin, you can distribute your typeface to your clients, peers, or beta testers and collect notes directly inside of the editor.

Market your ideas

Whether you have a handful of half-drawn typefaces or just a few untested ideas, it’s hard to know which are worth finishing.

Ghostlines can optionally host a sharable online form for people to request access to your updates.

As people apply to subscribe to your updates, you can build a roster who want to follow your progress.

By sharing your idea with a group and seeing who bites, you can get started on the projects that matter most.

Automate updates to your core audience

When you want to share a change in your typeface, you can notify any or all of your saved subscriber list.

Ghostlines includes a changelog to keep your subscribers up-to-date. When you send a release, you can also attach your EULA to make it clear to subscribers what they can do with your font.

Hit the Send button and your subscribers will get an email with a link to download your up-to-date font, release notes, and license.

Our servers store your files and send releases. We respect your ownership and privacy—please see our privacy policy to learn more.

Collect feedback from clients or advisors

With each version, your subscribers have access to both an online type tester page and font file.

The type tester allows subscribers to quickly experiment with the font and leave comments without installing anything.

When ready, reviewers can download the font from the Ghostlines servers to use on their own (as dictated by the license you included).

Subscriber feedback is visible inside RoboFont to help the drawing process.


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